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chiara chiara at io.com
Tue Feb 11 13:29:47 PST 2003

Sigh, I hate doing this but hubby has had it with my cat.

He is a two year old long haired mutt kitty. Very sweet lap kitty, lets the
kids drag him around, lots and lot and lot of grey whispy silky hair, it is
almost angora-like for you textile folks out there. He even let the baby sit
on him and bounce for about a minute before he walked away. Now pulling the
tail....that is was not ok and we let the baby know before he tried it. His
shots are current, his vet is here in McKinney.

The catch, he is fixed but continues to go on the first spot he went on the
first day he was here. We cannot break him of it. He leaves the rest of the
house alone but not this spot. We have tried everything. The spot is my
husband's side of the bed.

Hubby and I feel it is cruel to make Mouse live in the garage any longer and
he is not really a 24/7 outside cat. He loves going outside for about an
hour and then he wants back in. He is an indoor kitty. We even had one of
those kitty doors installed on our garage door. We can take that out and
give it to you if you want. A huge bucket of kitty litter and another half
filled of kitty food come with him and a kitty transporting device. He will
need a new litter box.

His name is the Great Grey Mouser II, Fafhrd not included.

Feel free to pass this along to other friends.

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