[Glaslyn] Tonight

Ron Hardy rhemail at swbell.net
Wed Feb 12 13:18:53 PST 2003

Because of really crummy weather in Mississippi I have changed the Gulf War
work weekend to Feb. 21,22,23 and therefore have a little breathing room. So
I'm canceling the work night tonight at my house. I'm taking tonight off. I
will however be working on the project all day Saturday (beginning at 10am)
and at least part of the day Sunday (maybe I can finally make a fighter
practice, sorry Morgan for letting you down). If your not going to Elfsea
Baronial College and can help on those days I could use it.

If you can make the new travel weekend let me know please, we need the help
as several people have had to drop out because of the weekend change.

Can someone would get in touch with Andy and let him know about tonight
being cancelled so he doesn't make the long drive down here. Please.

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