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Please take at look at the following.

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Greetings fair dancers,

So there's some updates for you guys to know about:
1. There's a little survey on what classes you guys will be interested
in taking, so the class coordinators can organize the rooms and schedule
appropriately. If you've time, please take it:

2. If you're interested in a free crash space, there's another form you
can fill up:

3. Reminders to those teaching, that if you want your class notes to be
included in the Knowne World Dance Proceedings book, it needs to be
submitted by May 15th to HL Guillaume. If you don't have an outline for
your class yet, please email him anyways, so he knows you're interested
in teaching: Russell Kinder <russmax at sbcglobal.net>

4. Mistress Urraca and Sophia the Orange are planning to produce a CD for
KWDS. If you know you're teaching a dance, and want music for it.. please
contact them.

That's all for now :) Happy dancing!

Lady Lowrie Leulyn
KWDS Web Lackey
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