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Sat Feb 22 21:34:18 PST 2003

Passed along from another list.
I know that many of us are having financial problems right now but if you or
someone you know can help, please contact this lady.

Ly Gabriele

FROM:  <autumnwolf at academicplanet.com>

I live in the East Texas county of Rains.  I took a trip to the store
yesterday becasue I had forgotten a few things.  I was on my way
home, not even fifteen minute later, when what did I see?  Some
heartless jerk had put an entire litter of puppies (9 of them) into a
cage and abandoned them on the shoulder of Highway 19.  They had no
food, no water, and no shelter from the wind.  I am so outraged that
someone could do that to these precious little babies.  I think it
was my Fate to rescue these pups.

At any rate, I need to find homes for at least 7 of them.  Our county
does not have an animal shelter, and neighboring counties will not
take animals from out of county.  They are all cute little bundles of
energy, and very friendly.  2 of them look like they are Blue Heeler
crosses,  1 of them looks like a black Labrador cross, the runt looks
like it is a Boston Terrier cross, 1 of them look like it might have
some German Shepherd, and two of them look like they could be part
Golden Retriever.  I am not sure about the parentage of these poor

The only thing that I am sure of is that I cannot possibly afford to
raise this many more puppies, as I already have 5.  And I will
probably wind up keeping two of these new ones because my son was
instantly bonded with one of them, and the other is really odd
looking, and not very cute...which I figure will hinder it finding a

I will deworm them and give them all of the shots that they are old
enough to have.  Anyone who might be interested in adopting one of
these puppies, please email me at:

genna at academicplanet.com

If you know someone who might want one, please ask.

Merry Meet and Blessed Be,

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