[Glaslyn] Busineess

teebyrd@earthlink.net teebyrd at earthlink.net
Tue Feb 25 09:42:01 PST 2003

Thank you Lady Capricia for the update. It is appreciated.

I hope all in Glaslyn are safe and warm given the weather outside. It took me over
two hours towith leaving work in Dallas at 1:30 and my husband spend 45 minutes
getting back to the manor after work. He only works 3 miles away at the school.
I trust no one is Glaslyn is out in the mess.

Lady Cyril, did you get a chance to look at the website (my lord asked) if case you
want to make changes or we need updates.

> Quick answer:  we pulled together budgets and began an official
> financial policy.  More to come on that later. Gerita and I also
> taught a gate class - I can get the handout to you at some point.

Thank you. :-) We plan on being at Defender as a family. Where is the help

> March populace will be a Chain Mail class (contact Alastair on what to
> bring if you want to start a project) and A&S bids close at business
> next month.

There is a large grin on my lord's face over this. :-) It is something he enjoyed in
Calontir. I envision pieces of chain mail scattered upon the kitchen floor in the
future. If he can put up with yards of fabric and paints scattered in the living room, I
can do no less.
> Artisan of the Flame bids are open as well.
> Hope that helps a little and hope you're all doing fine today.
> Michelle/Capricia

It has been a difficult week for the family. Icel was very much loved by all.

In Service,

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