[Glaslyn] Frantic Shill for Prizes for Warlord XXX & Gem and Jewelry Show

lizdenpeters@juno.com lizdenpeters at juno.com
Thu May 1 13:49:09 PDT 2003

Good Gentles,
Warlord is only three (3!) weeks away. I thank all of you for your
donations so far; however, we do need additional items.
The Gem and Jewelry Show is this weekend at Market Hall. There will be
many items appropriate for prizes available there. If you are attending
and it is within your budget to purchase an item for donation, I would
ask you to do so. There will be many prize quality items available at
excellent prices that any SCAer would be proud to receive.
Over the past year or so, we have all had unexpected issues to deal with
that have made all of our lives more difficult, not just locally but
throughout our entire country. For this reason, putting on events is more
difficult for us all. If, as a Barony, we all pull together, we can put
together a wondrous event. Therefore, if you are unable to contribute any
material to this event, I ask that you contact the autocrats and
volunteer some of your time to help -- even two hours makes a difference.
This way, we all win. We have time to relax and get away from the
stresses we have in our everyday lives and spend time with that most
precious commodity, our friends.  Many hands make light work for all.
If you have questions or would like to help, please feel free to contact
In service to the dream,
Lady Fionnuala the Fey "Nuala"
(MKA Elizabeth Peters)
Telephone: 214-330-8518 (until 10:00 P.M.)
E-Mail: lizdenpeters at juno.com
P.S. Since many of you constantly ask what items are appropriate for
contributions, a list is appended below. We particularly need prize items
appropriate for men.
Table linens
Period looking coffee mugs
An illuminated page from a period book
Hand knitted mittens
Necklaces made of semiprecious stones
Handmade glass bottles (or store bought w/corks & no labels)
Crocheted lap warmers
Pouches with tablet-woven edges
A children's activities book about knights
A full apron for a cook
Tablet woven trim
Magnifying glasses with a nice handle
Damask napkins (Cotton or Linen – no synthetics, if possible)
Basket cloths
A full set of hand-turned wooden feast gear
Hand-made tassels,
Champleve' medallions of the Kingdom's arms.
A bag painted with the Kingdom's arms,
Big turned wooden candlesticks from Hobby Lobby,
Chip necklaces
Handmade paper
A hand made ocarina
Long-distance gift cards,
Beanie-baby dragons,
Silver vases,
Sandalwood fans
Soapstone boxes
Soapstone candleholders
Boo-boo medicine,
Bath salts
Painted wall hangings in Celtic motifs or any other (effigies, etc.)
Sewing Kits for emergencies
Honey Mead
Herbal cough remedy
A pair of vambraces
Necklaces of coral and bone
Yardage of damask brocade
A selection of various trims
Wooden chests
Napkins painted with the arms,
Some really spiffy jewelry pouches
Extra long wooden hangers
An extra long garment bag in kingdom colors
Bath oils
Little glass jars with various dried/fresh herbs or honey.
Hand made cake of hand lotion,
Hand made bruise balm
Embroidered pouches
Dress hand kerchiefs
Fresh water pearl necklaces
Giving edibles can be a bad idea - they tend to get shut into boxes for
travel and forgotten about.
Getting potables is always nice
Hoods in kingdom colors are really cool!
Matching goblets.
Battery powered hand-held fans
Little chemical hand-warmer packets to go in your gloves on chilly nights

Tiny flashlights
Canvas tote bags
Material (esp. white for veils/shirts)
Feast gear
Artificial sinew
Duct tape
Embroidery floss
Books on art in the Middle Ages
Embroidery hoops
A belt blank
Books on heraldry
Books on armor
A seam-ripper with the little light on the end
Good paper (ask for 'elephant paper' at a paper shop)
A piece of good leather
Paintbrushes (ten bucks can get the good ones rather than the cruddy
A length of trim
A length of lace
A basket
Some ostrich plumes
Some pheasant feathers
A Nine-men Morris game
Nice period looking buckles
Rivets for armor
A strap-cutter
A rawhide mallet
A brick of beeswax
A hydrometer
A wine thief
A package of corks
Patterning paper
Books on brewing or vinting
Decks of renaissance style cards
A yeast culture
Period cookbooks
Hooks and eyes
Good thread (esp. linen or silk)
Some antler
A cows horn
A yard or two of buckram
Tracing paper
Blank tapes
Brewers logs
Carving linoleum
Some 550 cord
Tent stakes
Banner Poles
Seeds for different herbs
Lamp oil
Painted banners and "tapestries"
Small binders or booklets in which to list gifts given These binders can
have embroidered, painted or leather-worked covers put on them.
Period belt findings
Period table ware
Antler buttons,
Bone/bronze needles,
Hand-spun silk or wool thread,
Small yardages of brocade that can be used as trim.
Award insignia

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