[Glaslyn] Period encampment at Warlord

Ron Hardy rhemail at swbell.net
Sun May 4 21:08:44 PDT 2003

Greetings unto the gentle populace of Ansteorra, and to those from abroad
who will be our guests at Steppes Warlord,

In three weeks we will delight in greeting you all at the thirtieth
celebration of Steppes Warlord!  There are many special activities planned
for this year's gathering;
certainly some of the best tourneys and Championship competitions in the
Kingdom, and something for everyone in the family as well.   Please make
plans now to attend
Steppes Warlord XXX!

Of particular interest to many of you will be a special encampment this
year, hosted by ourselves, in an attempt to create an oasis of period
atmosphere, where the mundanities
of the modern world are put aside and where one may enjoy a "suspension of
disbelief" for a time.  We will require the use of period pavilions in this
encampment, and every attempt
to disguise or eliminate mundane objects from the area must be made.   If
you wish to camp in "The Grove", you must inform us ahead of time so that we
may reserve a space for you.
Please see the Warlord website, linked from www.steppes.org, for more
information.  Every campsite in "The Grove" will automatically be entered in
the stewards' Mundanity Covering Competition.

To contact us regarding camping in "The Grove" please send an email stating
your intent to rhemail at swbell.net.  Awaiting your arrival on our fair
Barony, we remain,

For Ansteorra and Steppes,

Fritz and Catrin
Lord and Lady Steppes

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