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Lady not HL. :)

Here is a repost for the office of the virtual scribe, if you want to submit
as a team instead of an individual please put that in your intent.:

I have been your Virtual scribe since 1995. It is time for me to step down
as I take on the job of Kingdom Virtual Scribe.

The Steppes Virtual Scribe position is under the office of the Steppes
Chronicler. It is a deputy position. All content is provided by or approved
by the Chronicler. Officers have a space on this site and that content is
provided by and approved by them and the Chronicler.

The website is your report. Steppes.Org is owned by the Barony of the
Steppes and is located on the Kingdom Server.

It requires the following in order to qualify for the job:
This is a warranted position and as such you must be a Paid member of the
Must have reliable internet connection and reliable email.
Must be able to work in HTML, PHP, JavaScript, CSS, create graphics, be able
to subscribe to the Steppes, RedTape, and Webministers mailing lists at
minimum. (FrontPage and Microsoft extensions are not supported by this
The candidate must also be familiar with how to code to keep up our
IRCA rating (http://www.icra.org/about/) which keeps us in compliance with
conformance level Double-A of the WCAG. This is only _suggested_ criteria as
a part of our Non-profit status.

Please download the EPM policy for further information and the Ansteorra
Virtual Scribe Handbook on other qualifications and requirements that are
society and kingdom specific.

If there are any questions please contact me, the Chronicler, or the

Send your application,
http://www.ansteorra.org/publications/forms/AppOffice.pdf, to all three of


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: To the Fair Populace of the Barony and Her Holdings
: There are several offices open or coming open that need to be filled.
: They are:
: Steppes Quartermaster - for details on the duties of this office, please
: contact Jonn Rolfsson
: Steppes Herald - Lady Margarite McBridin stepping down
: Steppes Virtual Scribe - HL Chiara stepping down
: Lindenwood Seneschal - Lord Alasdair MacEogan stepping down
: Lindenwood Knight Marshal - Lord Agilwulf the Loud, recently stepped down
: Lindenwood Arts and Sciences Minister - HL Suzanna the Herbalist stepping
: down
: Glaslyn Herald - Lord David ben Leon stepping down
: Please complete an application, which can be found on-line.  The
: application, with a copy of your Drivers License and Current Membership
: card should be mailed to the current or recent officer, the local
: Seneschal, and the Central Regional Officer for that position (if there
: is one), with a courtesy copy to the Baron and Baroness.
: Each and every one of these offices is very important to the life and
: continuance of each local group.  Please, please consider mentoring
: someone in these positions, if you cannot apply for them yourself.
: In Service to the Dream
: Lady Francesca Laviana Sansovino
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