[Glaslyn] 3rd Annual Westwood Catapult Challenge

ylwrose2@juno.com ylwrose2 at juno.com
Mon May 12 10:32:04 PDT 2003

Lords and Ladies

Don't forget the 'demo' tomorrow, Tuesday, May 13, from 7:30 to 1:30 at
7630 Arapaho Rd.  That would be the southeast corner of Arapaho Rd and
Meandering Way in Richardson.  Park in the east parking lot and walk to
the open field on the southwest side of the school campus.  This year we
have a team from the Steppes using last year's winning trebuchet,
Magnificent 7, challenging this years newcomers.

The students are again doing themed encampments.  As we are usually asked
to help judge these encampments, you can expect to be "bribed" (with
coffee, hot cocoa, and the like).  I have been able to learn the names of
*some* of the names of the teams we will be facing.  The Red Necks,
Caesar Salad, Beach Bums, Smurfs, and the possible return of the
Cowtapult (oh, yes!  There's a story there).

Some come join us, all you artisans, bards, and fighters, for some fun in
the sun, and maybe be pelted by water balloons.

In Excited Anticipation
Lady Francesca

P.S.  If you know for sure that you can attend, please let me know

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