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Tue May 13 09:24:39 PDT 2003

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For everyone interested in this demo, please contact me as soon as
> possible,
> so we can get everything ready.  Remember, this is both fighting and
> A&S, so it is a wonderful opportunity to show them what we have.
> Lady Cyrilla
> >We have been requested to participate in a demo for the Irving
> Library on
> >Saturday May 31st (the Saturday after Warlord) from 12 noon til
> 5pm. It
> >will be at Irving Mall (183 & Beltline) in the food court area, and
> is
> >being held in conjunction with the Taste of Irving. There is
> supposed to
> >be plenty of room and it is indoors.
> >
> >Agilwulf and I have done this demo the last 2 years, when it was
> outside
> >in August. They always seem to like us. Indoors at the mall sounds
> much
> >better. I have committed to having an A&S display, but we have also
> been
> >asked if we can put on a fighting demo or 2. This would be about
> 30
> >minutes on the stage. I realize this is planning far in advance,
> but I
> >need to let them know if we want time on the stage, so they can put
> it in
> >the program. Agilwulf can armour up for this one, but we need one
> or two
> >more fighters to commit to it (and maybe a marshal, so they don't
> fall
> >off the stage!). Please let me know soon if we can put on a
> fighting
> >display.
> >
> >I will be the coordinator for this, so let me know of any questions
> or
> >concerns. Should be fun. Thanks for your support.
> >
> >HL Suzanna, herbalist
> >Lindenwood MOAS
> >214-351-3907
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