[Glaslyn] Meal plans

ED Reese edreese at m7bedlam.com
Fri May 23 03:30:52 PDT 2003

It's all right, Gerita -- the potatoes and the veggies you have are your
part of the meal. Galen (Gail) and I are bringing the meat, Cyril is
bringing bread and butter, and a wonderful Lady whose name starts with an M
(I hope), is bringing dessert, possibly soup, and her grill. That's a
dinner, more than enough!

Which remins me -- Lothar and the Lady M are bringing things with which to
warm/grill/toast stuff -- can someone please bring a couple of bags of


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>Gang, David and i simply cannot afford to feed 35+ people.  I don't want
>to be a pain, but with that kind of count, and this kind of notice,
>there's just not a way.  Sorry.
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