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ED Reese edreese at m7bedlam.com
Mon May 26 12:00:50 PDT 2003

Thank you, Cyril~!

I must say, even though I was only there for one day, I hugely enjoyed
myself. :-)

If people were pleased with the way the experiment vis a vis a Glaslyn
kitchen turned out, perhaps we could do it again at Elfsea, only with a
little more prep? And a pre-budget, so we have a firm head count and a
shopping budget, as well as a menu that will be palatable to all involved?

Count me in as one of the cooks, if people like the idea. :-)


At 06:27 PM 5/26/2003 +0000, you wrote:

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>Greetings to the populace of Glalsyn,
>If you went to Warlord, congratulations, you survived another Warlord.  It was
>reported: Three inches or more in rain and it rained again another inch Sunday
>night.  It was still a wonderful event and I can't wait til next year.  Infact
>I think we should have Warlord twice a year.
>I would like to thank everyone who helped provide our delicious breakfast and
>dinner.  And, those donations are still needed, they will be collected at
>business meeting, or the next time we catch you.  It is two dollars per
>person, per meal, unless you helped with that meal.
>Thank you and see you soon,
>Lady Cyrilla
>Love is the answer to every question.
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