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Lynash@aol.com Lynash at aol.com
Tue Feb 17 22:16:29 PST 2004

Lady with crutches (me) needs help moving around the 25th of Feb.  I live in 
Elfsea (SW Arlington) and will be moving about 4 miles away from here (a house 
to an apartment).  I need strong backs and pickup truck to move a heavy 
upright piano, a heavy hutch, washer/dryer, 2 or 3 tall bookshelves, some chairs, 2 
beds and a dresser plus a few other things depending on the garage sale.  
Family is not forthcoming.  If only the big items can be moved, my 14 y/o 
daughter and I will somehow get the rest of the boxes, bit by bit.

Please help if you can.  (my wagon is only a 4 door Subaru)  I'm sorry it's 
the middle of the week, but that's when the buyers want it.  They've given us 
the 26th as a "grace" day if necessary.

If you can help us, please call 817-483-7141 or cell 817-504-7937 or reply to 
this message carrier at :  lynash at aol.com

Trying not to beg, 
Lady Anne Dragonslayer
Kitchen wench to Lord Sebastien
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