[Glaslyn] Newly Named officers

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Fri Feb 20 06:26:03 PST 2004

Greetings to the Fair Gentles and Kind Nobles of the Barony of the
Steppes, her Cantons, and surrounding areas

In recent months we have had several new officers named to assist in
following the Dream.  Please help me welcome them. 

Lord Hubert was named our Virtual Scribe.  An invisible and often
thankless job, he has been doing great at keeping things smooth on the
Webpage and the list.

And by now, many of you have noticed the change in appearance to the
SteppesLetter.  This is due to the efforts and inspiration of our new
Chronicler, Kynborough.  Please let her know what a fine job she is

Although I'm sure many of you already realize it, Lord Bre'nainn has been
named our Demo Coordinator.  Please support him as he coordinates our
interactions with  the mundane world.

Theylan has taken over the responsibilities of steppes Chamberlain. 
Please contact him to coordinate retrieving items from storage.

More recently, Honourable Lady Ciard was selected to take over the
responsibilities of Minister of Arts and Sciences.  She has a lot of
great ideas and enthusiasm.  I would ask you to join me in congratulating

And last, but certainly not least, I had the pleasure of announcing *two*
new officers at Populace Meeting last evening.  Lady Elin the Timid has
been selected to succeed Lord John de Irwynne as our Treasurer, and Elias
has been chosen as our new Oakenwald.  These two new folk come with
exceptional credentials, and I am sure will put them to good use.

All of these folk need and deserve the support of each and everyone one
of us, whether it be strong minds or strong backs.  Please help me show
them they have that support.

And not forget those who held the offices previously, let me say "Thank
You" to Honourable Lady Chiara, Lord Iames, Lord Jon and Lord Ironwyrm,
Lord Vincenzo (and Lady Nuala), and Lady Maeve, and His Excellency Mahdi.
 And while the office hasn't passed from the hands of Lord John yet, a
thank you is due him as well.

In Service to the Dream
Lady Francesca Laviana Sansovino
Steppes Seneschal

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