[Glaslyn] Gift Baskets for Glaslyn Defender of the Flame

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Your Ladyship

I'll do a whip 'round of my stuff -- make sure you get in touch with HL
Katya, who wanted to do something as Artisan of the Flame to assist.

When do you need it by? Can it be brought to the event?


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DOH!  I just realized that we have not made arrangements for the prize
baskets for our event.

Can everyone please collect goodies for the prize baskets?  I have the
following titles that we'll need prizes for:

Defender of the Flame - Chivalric
Keeper of the Flame - Chivalric
Defender of the Flame - Rapier
Keeper of the Flame - Rapier
Defender of the Flame - Archery
Keeper of the Flame - Archery

That's enough stuff to fill SIX baskets!!!!

Event Steward

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