[Glaslyn] Gratitude

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Fri Mar 5 05:17:46 PST 2004

Kind gentles of Glaslyn:

I'm sorry this missive has taken so long to get to you, this *#&#* computer 
keeps shutting down or freezing, but know that there are:

Many heart felt thanks to Lady Capricia and Lord Sebastien for coming to my 
rescue Saturday. Not only did they move items and boxes to my new abode, they 
boxed up my entire "library" that I was fearful I would lose.

Thank you also to Lady Ceinwen and Master Airaklee for using their time on a 
lovely day to move more of my goods and box more things.  Ceinwen, you may be 
petite, but you are a dynamo!  Airaklee, you are as exemplary in the mundane 
as in the 'dream'.

Also, thank you to Lady Cyrilla for coming all that way AFTER work to help 
box up the hutch.  You must have been so tired, yet ou remained cheerful in my 

All of you have been very patient with me and so generous with your time.  
It's a very humbling, yet wonderful feeling at the same time.  I know there is 
more coming, but to think I've been out of circulation after all this time and 
you'll still take care of me............Glaslyn ROCKS!

So..... after I get all my stuff under one roof, is there anything I can do 
for the Glaslyn event coming up?

Feeling humble, greatful and loved,
Anne Dragonslayer
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