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kristid2001@yahoo.com kristid2001 at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 8 15:26:42 PST 2004

Hey, Elfsteppers!

Alasdair, formerly of DFT, now of Minnesota and King or Prince of something or the other up there in The Frozen North ( ;-) needs to know if some kind-hearted soul can haul some ash poles to him at Gulf War. He's building a new pavillion, and appearantly Minnesota hasn't heard of cheap-ash wood. He, of course, thought of me since I'm the Queen of cheap ash. I'll stop now.

If someone has room, let me know soon. I will arrange to get the poles to you ASAP!!!
Thanks a bunch!


Hi Kristi- 

Here are the lengths I need.  The first 15 are for one pavillion, the second set of numbers is for another. I really need them to be in ash rather than any other type of wood.

15 must be at least 7 1/2 feet 
20 @ 5'
12 @ 8

Thanks a ton!!! 


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