[Glaslyn] Glaslyn's Defender of the Flame

M TURNAGE ceinwen7777777 at hotmail.com
Mon Mar 22 10:35:57 PST 2004

Greetings Glaslyners.

War is behind us and now we must ready ourselves for our Defender event!

Please remember to look for prizes for our Defenders.  Let me know what you 
have for the baskets so we will not be short prizes.

Don't forget to bring plenty of drinking water!

Lothar, I will need a count of how many directional signs you have and will 
need to either come by and get them or have you deliver them to Wolf and I.

For those who can cook, don't forget to bake goodies for the bake sale.
Do we have someone who is going to be in charge of this during the event?

Anyone who has banners and extra rugs, please bring them.

So far the weather promises to be cloudy with only 20% chance of rain and 
very comfortable temperatures.  Wolf and I spoke with some of the folks from 
Ansteorra North and looks like we'll have a large group of fighters coming 
down for our event.

Her Majesty will be attending as well.

If anyone can think of anything that needs tending that we have not already 
covered, please contact me.  I will be taking Friday off and will most 
likely be on-site so you can reach me via my cell phone.

Thank you all and let's have a GREAT Defender!

In service,

Work: 800-869-1651 ext. 5548
Home: 940-243-9912
Cell: 940-367-1898

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