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Business Meeting Notes
March 2, 2004
New officers were announced:  Elias for Oakenwald, Elin for Treasurer,
and Ciard for Minister of Arts and Sciences.  Congratulations to all of
Bids for the office of Chirurgeon are being taken until the April
Business Meeting.  The offices of Minister of Children and Youth Rpier
Marshal are also open.
Our Hospitaler, Lady Clare, said our recruitment is down but the
newcomers seem to be staying longer.  SCA 101 classes are being planned
for the near future.
Centurion Morgan Buchanan, our Knight Marshal, says practices are going
well and there is plenty of loaner gear, so come on out and play.
Rapier Marshal, Don Brendan says attendance is up now that practice is
indoors.  The pracitpracticeis Old City Park and it's a very nice,
well-lighted and spacious.

Archery practices have been on-again and off-again because of weather.

An Equestrian practice is tentatively planned in April.

We also learned that Her Excellency Catrin was recently named Central
Regional Chirurgeon.  Congratulations!
Bardic practice attendance is falling off, but is expected to pick as
Spring progresses.
Dance Practice is doing well with an average attendance of 24 people. 
Advanced Dance Practice has been moved to Thursday at the Guild leaders
new home.
Lady Gerita has stepped forward and is now hosting the Clothiers Guild
WE NEED A STEWARD FOR Warlord! Many department heads have stepped up but
need steward to pull it all together. Fritz has volunteered to act as
mentor. Ann volunteered as merchant coordinator.
Lord Philip White is stewarding Midsummer’s Ball and Kingdom Dance
First weekend of May is Cattle Wars atTanglewood.  The Canton has
requested help with gate, chirurgeon, and a pot luck feast
Defender of the Flame is this weekend.  Dont' miss it.
Elfsea Spring Faire:
Elfse's Artisan is to be chosen at this event (see website for more
details) in April
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