[Glaslyn] December 2003 LoAR excerpt

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Tue Mar 23 06:38:43 PST 2004

Howdy all,

Got the packet in the mail last night and though I would pass on the basic 
info. It can also be found at


Which has more info on many of these entries:

Aimée Long C{oe}ur. Name and device. (Steppes)
Purpure, a heart Or enflamed gules and in chief two cats-o'-nine-tails in 
chevron Or.

Ansteorra, Kingdom of. Heraldic title Blanc Gryffon Herald. (Steppes - For 
Mistress Serena)
Submitted as Blanc Gryphon Herald, The OED (s.n. Griffin) dates a number of 
spellings of this word to period including Griffon (1300s), Grifphon (1386), 
Griffoun (1400), Greffon (1435), Gryffon (1481), and Griphin. Further 
information from the herald for whom this title is intended indicates that, 
based on this information, she would prefer the period spelling Gryffon. We 
have made this change.

Brénainn mac Gilla Pátraic. Name and device. (Steppes)
Argent, a fess wavy azure between a knorr proper and a Celtic cross vert.

Brénainn mac Gilla Pátraic. Badge. (Steppes)
Argent, a fess wavy azure and overall a Celtic cross vert.

Hubert de Aquis mortuis. Name. (Glaslyn)
Submitted as Hubert d'Aquae mortuae

Joseph Thomas. Name. (Steppes)
Good name!

Máirghréad inghean Bhrìdein. Device. (Steppes)
Per bend sinister argent and sable, two roundels counterchanged and on a 
chief gules three tai-chi fesswise proper.

Margeria de Jauncourt. Name. (Steppes)

Mea Cornario. Name. (Glaslyn)

Melissent d'Aulnay. Device change. (Glaslyn)
Argent, a unicorn and on a chief purpure three fleurs-de-lys Or.
The previous device, Or, a unicorn and on a chief azure three passion 
crosses botonny Or, is retained as a badge.

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