[Glaslyn] Glaslyn's Defender of the Flame Event

M TURNAGE ceinwen7777777 at hotmail.com
Tue Mar 30 07:35:08 PST 2004

Hi all,

Well, for those of you who were unfortunately unable to attend our event, 
you missed out on a great time.  The lists were extremely entertaining and 
even though we had a brief delay due to showers, all went well.  I just 
wanted to thank everyone for all your help to get our event running 

To Lothar and Roana, thanks for set-up, tear-down, prizes, running the 
archery tourney, handling merchants, making arrangements with the Steppes 
Chamberlain and staying on-site to help me.
To Alexander and Cyril, thanks for your constant help, keeping me fed and 
also staying on-site to help with tear-down.
Thank you to Capricia for running the gate and making sure all the paperwork 
is in order.
Thank you Melissa for running the rapier tourney.
Thanks to Sabina for running the bake sale and for your warm bubbly smile.
Thanks also go to Toryn for her wonderful field heraldry.  I didn't realize 
how entertaining you were.
Micola, thank you for the goodies you baked and for your work at gate and 
list mistressing.
Barbara, thanks so much for the music during court....what a nice touch; and 
the beautiful caps and bags donated for prizes.
Last but not least....a big thank you to my loving husband for again making 
me feel like a Queen and taking care of me and being such a wonderful 
inspiration!  Thank you Airaklee.

If there are any others I've forgotten, I'm sorry.  But, I do believe we all 
need to pat ourselves on the back for yet another sucessful event.  I know 
for a fact that those that attended will return and will tell others of our 
event for next year.  VIVAT GLASLYN!!!!!!

In service,

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