[Glaslyn] OT - Help Needed for Medfair this Weekend

lizdenpeters@juno.com lizdenpeters at juno.com
Tue Mar 30 18:22:07 PST 2004

Good Gentles,

A friend of mine, Lady Isobel of the Towers, needs help at Medfair this
weekend.  To be specific, help setting up the merchanting pavilion.  And
probably some other help setting up the merchanting area.

If you agree to help, you will receive free transportation to and from
the fair, hotel accommodations, food and entry to the fair.  If a good
profit is made from this endeavor, a bonus cash payment is possible, but
not guaranteed.  

Departure is Thursday with a Monday return.  If you are interested,
either respond to me via e-mail (lizdenpeters at juno.com) or telephone @
214-330-8518 (until 11:00 PM).  Lady Isobel does not have Internet
access; however, you may contact her by telephone @ 214-353-9156



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