[Glaslyn] Warlord XXXI - Lindenwood Tavern!

Lady Sunnifa sunnifa at housewhiteshark.org
Wed May 19 15:05:20 PDT 2004

Don't feel like sweltering over a hot cookfire?
Does ice turn to water in your cooler almost before you fill it?
Do you want to dispense with the hassle of making lunch in the middle of a
very busy day?

Then come visit the Lindenwood Tavern!

We will be open for lunch from the hours of 11a - 3p both Saturday and
Sunday with the following menu as long as supplies last!

Beef or Chicken Kabob ... $2.50
Veggie Kabob ............ $2.00
Fruit'n'Cheese Stick .... $1.50
Chilled Bottled Water ... $.75

Beat the heat and let us do the cooking for you!

Proceeds to benefit the activities of the Canton of Lindenwood with a
portion to be donated to the AAA Fireworks Fund.

Lady Sunnifa Eiriksdottir
Seneschal, Canton of Lindenwood

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