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Fri May 21 13:13:53 PDT 2004

Thank you for your response, milady.  The schedule follows.
9am--10am  Dancing
10am--11am  Leatherwork
11am--12pm  "Stained Glass"
noon--1:30pm  LUNCH--Parents pick up children
1:30--2pm  Hoops
2pm--3pm  Origami
3pm  Parents pick up children
9am--10am  Scavenger Hunt
10am--11am  Heraldry
11am--12pm  Charter Painting
noon--1:30pm  LUNCH--parents pick up children
1:30--2pm  Hoops
2pm--3pm  Finish all projects
3pm  Parents pick up children

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I shall do an hour on Saturn's day.  Could I see a list of activities planned so that I may choose where to help or do you need a specific time filled?



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Greetings Friends and Neighbors,
As of today, I have no names on my sign up sheets to help with children's activities at Warlord.  I can't do it alone, and the teachers can't teach without helpers.  If I don't get some volunteers to commit to a time slot, I will be forced to suspend children's activities and send your kids back to you for the entire day.  Not my favorite plan...I hope not yours, either.  
If you're a parent, you should help out.  If you're not, you will be doing a greater good deed.  
Please respond to the address above to volunteer an hour or two of your time; thank you very much, indeed.
CA Coordinator

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