[Glaslyn] Re: Table top weaponry competition at Steppes 12th Night:

Ironwyrm hlironwyrm at sbcglobal.net
Sat Jan 1 10:47:19 PST 2005

Just wished to advise those planing to participate in our feast weaponry 
competition at Steppes 12th Night of a couple of changes:
First our Excellencies have requested that we start the competition at noon 
in order to complete the contest prior to the beginning of Steppes' court.
Next after measuring the bases on a couple of table top trebuchet we found 
most could not fit within the twelve inch circle limit, so we are going to enlarge 
the circle to sixteen inches to accommodate them (see below).
That should about cover it, thanks!
Competition Rules: (revised 1/1/05)
- All feast weaponry must be able to fit within a sixteen inch circle.
- Two categories permitted - 1) HAND HELD (mini-crossbows), cannot 
exceed a five pound draw limit.  2) FREE STANDING (table trebuchet 
& catapults), may be held steady but the base cannot be raised off 
table while firing.
- Only grapes will be permitted as ammo during this competition.
- The whole "grape shot" must remain inside the targeted containers 
to be counted (they do not have to remain intact).  Any halved upon the 
outer target rim do not count as a whole grape.  "Grape shot" halved 
on the inner rim shall count as the lesser point.  All questionable 
shots shall be resolved by the assisting marshals.
- Any "grape shot" destroyed by the weapon or misfired during the 
competitor's scoring round will be counted as a spent shot (So chose 
your ammo well!).
- All contestants will be allowed two minutes for six practice shots 
followed by two minutes to complete six scoring shots (All previous 
"grape shots" will be removed from target prior to the scoring rounds.).
- All contestants will be firing from a seated position behind a table 
at an unspecified ranged target (Somewhere between twenty & thirty 
feet distance.).
- Competitor with the highest points scored will be declared the 
- Contest will run for two hours and be held between noon & 2 PM 
at our Lord & Lady Steppes' pleasure (And weather permitting of 
Please note: We do not intend to limit the age of the participants but please 
remember no matter how low the risk of injury we still are using projectiles 
so we will be following Ansteorra's archery rules concerning parental & legal 
guardian supervision for children.  
Sorry we do not have loaner equipment for this competition.  All equipment 
must be inspected and approved by attending marshals prior to it's use during 
the contest.
I hope you shall chose to join us for this extremely fun and entertaining food 
flinging target competition.
Should you have any questions please feel free to contact me privately.
In service,
HL William Ironwyrm

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