[Glaslyn] Business Meeting

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Wed Jan 5 14:52:02 PST 2005


The Weather Channel has stated all precipitation other than maybe a light 
mist has left our area.  It is supposed to be very cold, but no ice.  Please 
be concerned about black iceon bridges and over passes. other than that we 
should be alright.  If you decide to come, please bring your projects and 
art supplies that are appropriate.

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>Subject: [Glaslyn] Business Meeting
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>Business meeting is tonight (1/5/05), 7:00 p.m. at our home.
>Please, please, PLEASE....if you feel that it will be unsafe to
>travel to our home tonight due to the weather, DO NOT COME!!!  We
>would much rather you be safe than risk yourself.  For those who do
>come and the weather takes a turn for the worse, please know that we
>will make you stay until it is safe to travel again.  You can reach
>us at 940-482-8136.
>It was decided at our last month that we were going to work on our
>12th Night table decorations at this meeting.  If you have any of
>these items to work on, please bring them.  If you cannot come,
>please call us and let us know what the status of your work is.
>We hope you all have had a wonderful holiday and we're looking
>forward to a fun New Year for Glaslyn.
>Stay safe,
>Airaklee & Ceinwen
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