[Glaslyn] Midsummer's Masked Ball: An Arabian Night!

Lady Sunnifa lindenwood_seneschal at ansteorra.org
Tue Jun 21 19:05:43 PDT 2005

             The Canton of Lindenwood proudly presents this year's
                   Midsummer's Masked Ball: An Arabian Night
                       Saturday, June 25, 2005, 4p - 10p
                       135 S. Jefferson St., Irving, TX

        Please join us for an evening of revelry and dancing under the
midnight skies of a desert oasis! Come costumed as your personna might
interpret a tale from the 1001 Arabian Nights and bring your favorite
oriental rugs and pillows to help add to the atmosphere of the evening!

Competitions and activities planned for the evening are:

Scheherazade's Gift: A competition of storytelling talent. Your story may
be original or taken from source, but please limit yourself to 10 minutes.
Judges may also award other prizes or largess for other categories at
their personal discretion.

Best Mask: What would a masked ball be without the masks? The most
creative and lovely mask will win, so get to work now on your masterpiece!

Sultan and Sultana of the Ball: The Sultan (King) and Sultana (Queen) will
be chosen from among the best adult costumes from ages thirteen and up and
showered with wonderful prizes! Weight will be given to costumes best
portraying the theme of the ball.

Prince and Princess of the Ball: The Prince and Princess will be chosen
from among the best children's costumes, ages up to twelve and awarded
with child-appropriate treasures! Weight will be given to costumes best
portraying the theme of the ball.

Dancing: Master Philip White will lead the ball attendees in a variety of
medieval and rennaissance dances throughout the evening. Middle Eastern
dancers are invited to display their art and skills in the Storytelling
Area at the end of that competition.

Games, Food, and Fun: Several period games will be available for the
enjoyment and amusement of all throughout the evening. A delicious
sideboard feast of Middle Eastern fare is included in your gate fee,
created by Honorable el-Sayyidda Saqra al-Kudsi.

More information on the event is available in your June Black Star or on
the web at http://lindenwood.ansteorra.org/mmb05/

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