[Glaslyn] Local Midieval symposium

Nancy Chevalier chevalier8278 at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 29 13:56:56 PDT 2005

I thought a few of you might be interested in
attending, if not submitting a paper.  

Ldy. Aurelia

I am happy to announce that The School of Visual Arts
at the University of North Texas will be sponsoring a
public lecture and interactive workshop to be given by
Corine Schleif and Volker Scheir of Arizona State
University. These events will take place on November
10th and 11th. (See below for times and locations).
Our guests will present their latest project, "Opening
the Geesebook."  Because this work combines the
expertise of an art historian and musicologist, and is
thus quite inter-disciplinary in focus, we hope to
interest a broad range of Medievalists.  I realize
that this is an early announcement, but we wanted to
insure that you had plenty of time to get these events
on your calendar and alert your students of the
up-coming opportunity to share these scholars' work.  
Lecture: "Opening the Geesebook," presented by Corine
Scheif and Volker Scheir
Thursday November 10th 4 PM, School of Visual Arts,
Room 223
Workshop: "New Media"
Friday, November 11th, 9 AM, School of Visual Arts
Building, Room 226
Along this same line of thought,  and in hopes of
fostering the interaction of graduate students from
within and around the metroplex, we have set aside
Friday afternoon, the 11th, for a Medieval Graduate
Student Symposium.  We invite medieval students, of
any discipline, to submit a 20 minute, conference type
paper.  We have time for six papers to be divided into
two sessions.  Our Graduate Student Association will
be providing lunch refreshments for the break and will
be organizing an informal get-together afterwards for
our student visitors.
We encourage submission of papers that have been
submitted and/or delivered elsewhere.  Our deadline
for submission is October 21st.  We will notify
acceptance by the following Friday, October 28th.
Papers should be sent to:
Dr. Mickey Abel
Assistant Professor, Art History
University of North Texas
P.O. Box 305100
Denton, Texas 76203-5100 

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