[Glaslyn] Christmas Party for Glaslyn

MysticHarlequin mysticharlequin at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 15 20:38:19 PST 2006

Greetings and Good Cheer my fellow Glaslyn-ites!  Once again the holiday season doth approach and parties and gatherings do abound.  It has been brought to my notice that a holiday gathering is in the works for our lovely Canton for Saturday, December 9 at the home of Master Airaklee and his lovely baroness, Ceinwen.  They have graciously offered their home that we might gather in health and good cheer to celebrate this holiday season.
  Plans have been made for a most excellent time, including a potluck feast which I find myself to be in charge of organizing.  For those of you who wish to attend and bring a dish, please contact me as soon as possible.  For those who wish to attend and are unable to bring a dish, that is wonderful as well, you are most welcome.
  I do know of a couple of food allergies in the Canton.  Two known allergies are onion(yes, all kinds and forms of onion) and hops.  Please keep this in mind when contemplating your dish choices.  Should you have a food allergy that is not yet listed here, please let me know so we can safely plan our menu.
  Instead of gift exchanges, we are asking for donations to the Canton's largess for future prize baskets.  Donations are not required, but always accepted with much grace.  
  At this time, I would ask all who plan to attend to bring their personal feastgear as we do not want to burden our host and hostess with a plethora of dishes.  Anyone not having feastgear please let me know as soon as possible so loaners can be arranged.
  I am sure I will be contacting you again soon, so until then I look forward to hearing from you all. . . .should you know of a fellow Glaslyn-ite who does not have internet access or is not on the list, feel free to pass on this information and include their responses with your own, or just call me.
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  email:  mysticharlequin at yahoo.com

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