[Glaslyn] fighter practice tonight

Cyril Marcellius sheri_cullum at sbcglobal.net
Mon Apr 2 11:04:24 PDT 2007

It is fairly easy  anyone interested will be able I
will bring extras for those that don't get this post
in time or unable to make a store run.  If you can tap
lightly then you can( and should be able) to do it
--- MysticHarlequin <mysticharlequin at yahoo.com> wrote:

> I would love to learn! My oldest daughter probably
> will too, so I will bring eggs for both.  
>   Thank you!
> Joslyn
> "I can handle anything that life throws at me. I may
>  not be able to handle it well, or correctly,or
> gracefully, or with finesse, or expediently -- but I
> will handle it."
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