[Glaslyn] Pavilion and stuff

Barbara Lee barb at barbsgarb.com
Thu Apr 12 17:46:02 PDT 2007

We got the frame picked up this evening along with a pile of red and yellow 
tablecloths.  Thanks to my husband who was willing to take the time to get 
over there.

The pavilion roof is getting closer to done.  Megan has been a wonderful 
help.  Keeping me sane for 2 days, and helping with all the things I handed 
her to do.  The main portion of the roof is assembled.  The edging (valance, 
dagging, and wall attatchemnts) is all that's left to be done.  If all goes 
well, it will be done this evening.

I'm still planning to get out there in the morning, but was wondering what 
plans are with the  thunderstorms they're predicting??


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