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Fri Aug 3 09:02:20 PDT 2007

This was posted to another list I am on.  Thought some might find it interesting.  Micola.  
I'm new to the MedievalEncampments list, but not new to livinghistory, having been a Civil War reenactor for ten years.This post is to announce the re-launch of ReenactorClassified s(http://www.reenacto rclassifieds. com), an online marketplace forliving historians and reenactors. The site encompasses not only theMedieval and Renaissance eras, but all American time periods fromEarly Colonial to World War II. Users can buy, sell and swap; postand find event and recruiting information; make genealogicalconnections; find services providers who cater to living historians;and browse the reenactor personals. Even commercial listings arefree. Simply register and confirm your valid email address to postads. Links to ReenactorClassified s are very much appreciated.If you were a registered user of the original ReenactorClassified s andhave previously posted ads, we apologize that you will need to startover again. Unfortunately, the original bulletin board system washeavily spammed with inappropriate content, forcing us to take itdown. The newly installed classifieds script and newly re-launchedsite represent a vast improvement. The only problem is that wecouldn't migrate the old ads or member information to the newplatform, so we need to start with a completely clean slate, which wehave just done. One of the courtesies we offer is free banner advertising on a "spaceavailable" basis to non-profit reenactment groups, living historymuseums and historic preservation causes. All we ask for in return isa reciprocal link from these organizations' web sites toReenactorClassified s.com. If you are associated with a qualifyingorganization and would like to take advantage of this opportunity,please contact me or reply to this post and I will answer with details. Please rest assured that posts like this one will be few and farbetween. We understand that everyone gets a ton of spam and have nointention of abusing the privilege to communicate with youoccasionally. Tom HigginsReenactorClassified shttp://www.reenacto rclassifieds. com
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