[Glaslyn] Steppes Artisan thanks

Julie Cunningham juliecunningham65 at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 3 13:34:27 PDT 2007

Greetings to you, Steppes, Glaslyn and Lindenwood.
  It was exciting to see so many great artisans compete for this years Steppes Artisan. There were many fine displays of all sorts- so many great works for people to admire! 
  Congratulations to my dear cousin, HE Isabeau Quiquandon, Baroness of Stargate for not only being named this year's Steppes Artisan, but also announced as one of the next to enter into the order of the Laurel.  Vivat!
  I was proud and thrilled to see so many folks helping with the event. I add my thanks to those mentioned in thank you notices sent by Lady Vivianne, Lady Hadassah and Deitrich. You are all fine and outstanding members of this community, and I thank you to the bottom of my heart. 
  Special thanks to Lady Elizabeth, Lady Lyneya and Count Gunthar for their support (and for the dinner).  Thanks also to HLady Katya for the fabulous stew. Thanks also to Master Robin and Mistress Serena for you guidance.
  Steppes, as always, I am proud of you all.  No matter what happens you are there performing, making things happen in record time and with a smile.
  HE Katheryn Cunningghame
  Baroness of the Steppes, and it's Cantons of Glaslyn and Lindenwood

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