[Glaslyn] T'was the heat (is Re: New shire to be formed)

Cyril Marcellius sheri_cullum at sbcglobal.net
Wed Aug 15 16:05:14 PDT 2007

Then  mayhaps I too am a little to blame. You see Your
Excellency I live in the region of Glaslyn you also
live in. (yes it really is Glaslyn) Had I paid heed
your missives posted on the wall, I would have invited
you to join me on my weekly journeys to Glaslyn
proper. Or perhaps opened my hearth and table anytime
it was in need. So consider this missive an opened
  Your humbled servant,
    Lord Alexander 
        Student to Master Airaklee Wolf
--- John Gillin <bonz6x at yahoo.com> wrote:

> OK good gentyls... I am certain I may have made a
> fool of myself with the last posting... Let us
> agree, T'was the heat and a touch of Rum...
>   None of the good gentyls of Glaslyn or other
> places "nearby" have done any "misdeeds" or
> whatever... I suppose I was just barking my
> frustrations outloud... howling at the edge of the
> abyss (and the edge of the World). 
>   Since SCA participation is ones OWN
> responsibility... I have none to blame save
> myself... for any lack of participation on my own
> part. I suppose I could say that I should get up off
> my old half dead arse and do something... yet at the
> same time,  have been doing alot LOL! Working my
> half dead arse OFF trying to make a mundane life
> here in the great state of Texas... which has left
> me little time and energy for things of the Knowne
> World. Ergo, the frustration... which I did blurt
> out on a public SCA group forum... My apologies to
> all.
>   However... even in my worst moments, I find that
> sometimes there is merit in the rum induced mad
> rantings of this old battleaxe toting warrior... and
> perhaps forming a shire up here, north of civilized
> territory, may not be such a bad idea, in and of
> itself.
>   I realize everyone has a Life... and all are just
> trying to live theirs and get by day to day... And 
> know people have their established routines and
> their own circle of friends. But I will tell you
> truly, I am beginning to become very very lonely
> since I have been here in Ansteorra (since March of
> 06). So I will admit that 90% of that situation is
> my own fault... and I shall let y'all decide if or
> where any other shortfall lay from an SCA
> hospitality standard or perspective.
>   So, I will close now... having apologized for the
> mad rantings... perhaps I shall be forgiven this
> trespass... and we begin again... anew.
>   bestt regards
>   Baron Wylfred
> Troop0341 at aol.com wrote:
>   To my Friends at home, Greetings...
> A question: Did I miss something??? I mean other
> than our 
> weekly fighter practices, monthly populace meetings
> and other local events? Seems 
> something is in the wind there (possibly too much
> heat?) and I am not sure 
> what to truly think of it... If I have missed
> something of importance, will 
> someone let me know what it was? May Fortune Smile
> On You All!
> With Respects, Iain
> Faith, Honor and Kingdom...
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