[Glaslyn] T'was the heat (is Re: New shire to be formed)

Chiara Francesca chiara.francesca at gmail.com
Wed Aug 15 16:10:31 PDT 2007

Dearest Baron,

Long ago there was a fine young group in the Sherman area. I helped them
form their online presence. If there are enough of you out there I say go
for it! The more people playing we have the better. :)


On 8/15/07, Gail <gailh at fanninelectric.com> wrote:
> Honored Baron Wylfred
> Indeed, Honored Sir, you are not alone in wishing for companions north of
> the settled reaches of the Steppes and Elfsea. I honor and respect
> Glaslyn,
> indeed, have recieved Honors from her.....but it is a long and dusty ride
> (especially, after you get off work, on a weekday evening) to that
> Respected
> Shire. Denton has Glaslyn, Greenville has Hounds Rest...perhaps it is time
> for the Sherman/Gainsville area to have a gathering place for those of us
> who live just south of the Great Bloody Red River......
> Falcone Hardin, called galen
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> OK good gentyls... I am certain I may have made a fool of myself with the
> last posting... Let us agree, T'was the heat and a touch of Rum...
>   None of the good gentyls of Glaslyn or other places "nearby" have done
> any
> "misdeeds" or whatever... I suppose I was just barking my frustrations
> outloud... howling at the edge of the abyss (and the edge of the World).
>   Since SCA participation is ones OWN responsibility... I have none to
> blame
> save myself... for any lack of participation on my own part. I suppose I
> could say that I should get up off my old half dead arse and do
> something...
> yet at the same time,  have been doing alot LOL! Working my half dead arse
> OFF trying to make a mundane life here in the great state of Texas...
> which
> has left me little time and energy for things of the Knowne World. Ergo,
> the
> frustration... which I did blurt out on a public SCA group forum... My
> apologies to all.
>   However... even in my worst moments, I find that sometimes there is
> merit
> in the rum induced mad rantings of this old battleaxe toting warrior...
> and
> perhaps forming a shire up here, north of civilized territory, may not be
> such a bad idea, in and of itself.
>   I realize everyone has a Life... and all are just trying to live theirs
> and get by day to day... And  know people have their established routines
> and their own circle of friends. But I will tell you truly, I am beginning
> to become very very lonely since I have been here in Ansteorra (since
> March
> of 06). So I will admit that 90% of that situation is my own fault... and
> I
> shall let y'all decide if or where any other shortfall lay from an SCA
> hospitality standard or perspective.
>   So, I will close now... having apologized for the mad rantings...
> perhaps
> I shall be forgiven this trespass... and we begin again... anew.
>   bestt regards
>   Baron Wylfred
> Troop0341 at aol.com wrote:
>   To my Friends at home, Greetings...
> A question: Did I miss something??? I mean other than our
> weekly fighter practices, monthly populace meetings and other local
> events?
> Seems
> something is in the wind there (possibly too much heat?) and I am not sure
> what to truly think of it... If I have missed something of importance,
> will
> someone let me know what it was? May Fortune Smile On You All!
> With Respects, Iain
> Faith, Honor and Kingdom...
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