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lol with a gentle smile......welcome to the country, Baron


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Good Gentyls,  wrote this to my friends in Florida today, Members of the
Triskele Legion, Trimaris Kingdom Regiment (y'all fought us more than once
at Gulf Wars) which I founded many years ago... maybe y'all will
understand... maybe not. I am just a human being...
  Troopers... I  am sitting here in front of the windows of my home office
at 5:11 PM Central Daylight time 8/21/07... looking out across the porch
(veranda) and the pool deck... Hanging from the porch roof is a humming bird
feeder I put up when I moved here... 6, count them 6 hummingbirds are now
doing battle to gain access to the four feeder flowers on the stupid little
hanging feeder... It is a Hummingbird War happening before my very eyes...
  "HEY there is enough for everybody... WAIT your friggin turn will ya? Ya
goofy little birds..."

  Yesterday... 3 HUGE HAWKS... maybe they were Eagles (or vultures)... were
soaring above my lands... I kept the Little Boston Terrier in the house, the
118 pound Boxer has no worries.... HAHAHAH! These were some BIG ASSED
BIRDS... friggin Pteradactyls. .. THESE were not NORMAL, these birds were
mutants!... if I could have hitched a line to all three I could have lifted
off... MASSIVE wingspans... 5-6 feet atleast... Just soaring in the wind!
There is always wind here... well almost always.

  Sunsets are absolutely beautiful here... the sky turns red as fire! and
then, Fireflies come out just after sunset around here... they show up
across the pastures... and in my groves. Frickin amazing... almost spooky.
It is like Tinker Bell shows up at my house every night and calls my name...
Peter Pan! Where are you? I have two soft shell pecan trees! (my grove).
These 2 trees compliment all the Oaks and Mountain Cedars....

  Stars... have I mentioned the STARS here??? OMG!... Being 100 miles north
of Dallas, and 150 miles south of Oklahoma City in the middle of nowhere...
there is no ambient light coming off the cities... the sky is as black as
coal... and the stars are INCREDIBLE.. .. Seeing these stars has renewed my
faith... there is a GOD/Goddess or Ghads, or something... This vista just,
could not of happened on its own...

  When I moved here, the electric Co-op had a mercury vapor security light
out here on a pole in my yard... I made them come turn it off... NO S--T!
Turn it off, I says to dah wench!... the chick on the other end of the line
thought I was nutz! (she was not far off)... LOL! But it is seriously DARK
here now...

  There is a sign... a yellow diamond road sign (TX-DOT) about 50 feet south
of where my little road turns of the main little road... On this sign is a
PUMA... and the sign says Big Cat Crossing. F--K ME... predatory cats live
here????? Mountain Lions????

  Up the road a bit farther is the sign for the Black Bear Crossing....

  I am getting a gun.

  I found a baby water moccasin in my pool the other day...

  I have killed 3 black widows already... SPLAT! take that ya biaches....

  When I got here and took possession.. . the "grass"... more like HAY...
was waist high.... I swear it... waist high. I have been doing a little
mowing... broke the ONE running Lawn Tractor three times already... I went
the 26 mile round trip to town today to buy more parts for THIS  particular
Mister Fix-it exercise.. I will be wrenching tomorrow. I broke it this time
attempting to reclaim some of my land along the east fenceline... I wanted
to cut a trail back to where my closest neighbor keeps his Mules.... so I
could go feed them carrots and apples whenever I wanted to go pet some
equine stock... LOL!

  The weed-whacker has gone thru several spools of line... so far... just
bought 400 more feet of .95 trimmer line today.... can YOU imagine using 400
feet of weed whacker line in a lifetime, much less in a couple weeks?

  I buy gas for the lawn equipment buy the 5 gallon jug (4 of 'em at a time,
20 gals) .... I have gained a great respect for Farmers recently...

  I broke my hedge trimmers.... Home Depot will take ANYTHING back that has
a skew number.... LOL! The branch lopers are still holding up pretty well
under pressure... The bow saw is hand n' elbow grease powered... still
working fine... powered by 1000 mg of Ibuphrophen at a time.

  ANd lastly... I am real pleased that I had the good sense several years
ago to buy a super-charged 4wd pick up truck... coming up my two-trail sand
and gravel driveway is a trip. And considering that my dumpster is a 1/4
mile away... taking the trash out is also a TRIP.

  Plenty of camping space folks... so if you are ever out this way on a
family vacation or just passing thru... Y'all come on down! Friendship Ranch
has no gates... just drive on in.... bring beer!

  See ya!... Pull up, park, and walk on down to the manor house... you will
probably find me at the hot tub, or at the tiki bar on my pool deck.

  Ansteorra don't suck all that bad, all things considered and being a
foreigner in a foreign land... When I get some extra money... I am gonna go
rent a back hoe and dig my own grave (f--k a bunch of shovels and
Ibuphrophen, LOL!)... order the granite headstone... and build my own pine
box coffin.... THEY will bury me here.  There are many beautiful places on
Planet Earth... THIS is one of them. If ya have to die somewhere (and we all
do), this is not such a bad place to do the dying.

  best regards

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