[Glaslyn] Deadline for participation in 12th Night approaches

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Good day to all in the Central Region
As was announced in July, next January 12th Night will be a Central Regional event. This Friday August 31st is the deadline for the event steward bids. Anyone in the central area may submit a bid.  All must be turned into her Grace Conal for approval at duchessconal at yahoo.com. 
Friday is also the deadline for all shires and cantons to notify if they wishto participate in 12th Night coordination.  All specific jobs,duties and choice of site will be negotiated after the new Baron and Baroness of Elfsea are invested.  Come join us, Steppes and Elfsea, for a little work and a lot of fun!
Yours in Service
Katheryn Cunningghame
Baroness of the Steppes
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