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Sat Feb 3 17:55:32 PST 2007

Dear people of Glaslyn I wrote this poem under the
name 'What the S.C.A. means to me.' I was advised to
rename it and not to use the S.C.A. in the title but
to make it period as possible. I've not been able to
come up with a good name. If you have any input I
would greatly appreciate any help.

 Our Lives                        

 Listen my friends and you shall hear,
Of the things about us that I revere.
We recreate the times of yore,
With battle, food, crafts and lore.

A mundane life we once did lead,
Til came a friend to sow a seed.
They spoke to us of times untold,
And making new that which was old.

They spoke to us of days gone by,
Words that made our wonder fly.
Wars and Ladies, knights and kings,
They opened our lives to wondrous things.

These friends of ours they oft did say,
Come and watch us fight this day.
We battle with our sword and shield,
for fun and glory and to claim the field.

Little did I think or know,
that in my mind these words would glow.
“Lay on”, I heard the Marshal say,
and present time did fade away.

Transported far into the past,
when chivalry held strong and fast.
When courage did a warrior take,
And honor never would he forsake.

When Ladies watched his might of arm,
their protection from all harm.
The ladies knew his lips spoke true,
His gallantry naught but their due.

When children all could safely play,     
All would watch that none should stray.
A morsel here, a nibble there,
all the folk did let them share.

We use our lives to further good,
to live our lives as we should.
To be a friend, to cause none harm,
By word nor deed nor force of arm.

Not from one city, nor yet one land,
yet in most places some understand.
Why we live our lives the way we do, 
to call friend many, foe none or few.

If all the world could know this thrill,
To fight their wars where none need kill.
So speak my friends, tell all you know,
That peace on earth can finally grow.

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