[Glaslyn] An informal poll and February Populace

Chiara Francesca chiara.francesca at gmail.com
Mon Feb 12 18:21:08 PST 2007

Greetings unto the Fair Populace of the Steppes and her Cantons of Glaslyn 
and Lindenwood,

A decision to move the event to a new site for most of our events is not a 
new idea.

That being reestablished Lord Damon and I, HL Chiara, are taking an informal 
email poll about the reasons to stay or leave Canton.  A decision for this 
year's Warlord will be made in the next two weeks so reply to Chiara's email 
address by Wed. Feb 21. For those of you that know individuals in our groups 
that do not have email please encourage them to come to our Populace meeting 
and present their opinions there in persons or through you.

More discussion will be held at our next Populace, (February Populace in 
Constance's home at 8920 Yosemite Trail, Crossroads, TX 76227, 214-257-8174 
or 972-979-8642), and a decision will be made by the Event Stewards, the 
Seneschal, Our Baron and Baroness, and with final input from the Baronial 

Please know that all e-mail's sent to us will be shared with those listed 
above. Compose your emails well.

Just an FYI, the number of sites that we have looked into is now up from 8 
to 11, soon to be 12. We have three more sites to walk.

Event Steward: Lord Damon
Event Planner: HL Chiara Francesca 

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