[Glaslyn] [Steppes] An informal poll and February Populace

Sir Morgan Buchanan morganbuchanan at hotmail.com
Tue Feb 13 14:50:03 PST 2007

I agree with everything Master Robin said about Canton.
My list of pros and cons, and what my criteria would be if I was making the decision.
Farther away than Canton is worse.  Closer to DFW is better.  But spending a ton more money to get closer isn't necessarily worthwhile.  I could learn to live with a site that's prefect and free that's three hours away.  However, close enough to allow more day tripping might be good.  At Canton, people who drive home saturday night may come back sunday or monday , but may not.  A site closer may encourage more drive back, I don't know.  (That was just thinking out loud at the end)
The physical space of Canton is great.  The flooding of the site isn't.  It's somewhat unsightly with the light poles and the very modern shelters, but I can have medievalism in my mind.  
The hall is air conditioned!  YEAH!  But it's ugly and the herald in me hates the acoustics.  The comfort of my friends who are less able to handle the heat is worth the extra effort to be heard as a herald, to me at least.  But did I mention it's ugly?  LOL
They let us do pretty much everything we want to do.  The Alcohol policy is a must, though I could personally handle a dry site.
In the end, TO ME, there aren't many make-or-break factors.  There are dozens of little points that all form a balancing act in my mind, the weigh heavily on a balance sheet.  
It's a TOUGH TOUGH job to find new sites.  it's going to be a tough sell to convince us that a new site is going to be BETTER overall.  I'm sure that once the dotted line is signed, we'll all work to make it work.  Thanks to the event stewards for all the work they're doing.

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