[Glaslyn] [Steppes] Radical Idea

Sir Morgan Buchanan morganbuchanan at hotmail.com
Thu Feb 22 16:01:23 PST 2007

Master Robin makes excellent points.  
I would suggest, as I alluded to earlier, that perhaps Bordermarch is a good model, but I think we'd want to do some additional footwork.
First of all, Bordermarch has been slightly beset by the increasing costs demon.  I think we'd want to get a reasonable cost increase agreement in place.  I know that for example the shire of Greywood USED to use the Bordermarch site, but the site owners priced them WAY out of the market, basically thinking "the sca is the sca" and not realizing that the small group simply couldn't support the same types of fees.
But as I understand it, they signed essentially a 99 year agreement.  I don't know if it will go on that long or not.  I'm not sure if I'll be fighting as often at 130 as I am now....  But I think a look at their basic agreement would be a good place to start at least, should we decide on this type of course of action.  And doing it at a site that's under 2 hours from the far reaches of the Barony is a good thing.  Because I'll work my tail off...I just don't want Goldilocks to come 'round and sleep in my bed and not let me in it after a few short years.  :)

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