[Glaslyn] Squires Tourney at Gulf Wars

Sir Morgan Buchanan morganbuchanan at hotmail.com
Tue Feb 27 08:13:53 PST 2007

Just passing this info along for any squires out there who can't get enough fighting at Gulf Wars:
Greetings to all on the list. This year I have the priviledge to host a Squires Tourney at Gulf Wars for all the Squires of the Knowne World. The time of the event will be Saturday starting at 2pm or immediately after the Fort Battles which start at 11am if they manage to run long again this year. As with the annual Squires tourney at Pennsic, the tourney is open to SQUIRES from any SCA Kingdom. Their Knights or Masters need to be present to sign the scroll for the winner. The Format will be as an Atlantian Speed Tourney to quickly pair the numbers down to a manageable amount and then the last few fights will be held one at a time so that they receive the attention of everyone present as these fighters will have earned it by that point in the tourney. If you have any questions you can contact me here on the Archive or at my Yahoo account which is sinclairhawkins at yahoo... Answers will probably be quicker on the Yahoo account. I look forward to meeting many of my brother and sister Knights and Masters at the Tourney as we watch our Students in a test of Honor and Skill on the Tourney Field. Squire's, arm yourselves well and come forth to do battle. Pit your Skill against your fellows and let us see how you are progressing down your individual paths. Please feel free to send this post to any and all SCA fighting lists so that the word can spread about this as fast and far as possible. Until I meet you all at the Gulf War this year.... _________________Sir Sinclair 

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