[Glaslyn] May Day celebration in Rosenfeld

Julie Cunningham juliecunningham65 at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 16 07:26:38 PDT 2008

Forwarded by request
The Shire of Rosenfeld invites you to share in a Day in the SCA, celebrate A.S. XXXXIII, on May 18, at the Pavilion in Longview’s McWhorter Park.
Bring your medieval pavilions and your Art projects to share with others, Don your Fighting gear, Share with us your Period Games.
Set-up begins at 8 am. Fighting and other activities begin at 10 am. Bring your feastgear and a dish to share.  Bards are welcome to perform at Feast, All Shire Members and friends should have a story or two to tell.
Feasting begins at 4pm ~ 6pm Closes
Steward ~ Lord Aradonn of FalconRose Keep
Lordfalconrose at gmail.com903-469-3420, 903-469-6119
Potluck coordinator ~ Lady Eithne  
eithnethehealer at gmail.com903-469-3420
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