[Glaslyn] OT: House fire

Colleen O'Kelly / Keally ldycolleenokelly at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 26 10:08:44 PST 2008

Please excuse the off topic use of these lists. Lady Adelaide of Elfsea has just notified me that her children's father and his family has lost their house in a fire. They have lost everything. If any one has anything that they would be willing to donate to help them thru this difficult time please contact myself (ldycolleenokelly at yahoo.com) or Adelaide (ldyadelaide at aol.com). 
  The family includes 2 girls ages 8 and 6, their mother and father all of which are safe. Adelaide and her children are on their way to help them thru this difficult time. 
  Thank you for you time. 

Bantiarna Colleen O'Kelly
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