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Regan Caimbeul regan.caimbeul at gmail.com
Sun Jul 13 19:14:56 PDT 2008

Good afternoon,

As you've seen posted on the lists and at the Steppes Business and Populace
meeting in the past month or so, we were invited to the Meadows Museum at
SMU  to be an integral part of their Family Day celebration that was held
Saturday. I am delighted to say that the demo was a great success.  The
people from the museum were VERY impressed.  About 500 people (families/lots
of children) came through to either watch the fighting in the auditorium or
to come through the refreshment hall and talk with the artisans and ask
questions.  During one of the fighting demonstrations, security had to stop
letting people come into the auditorium, because there was no more room it
was so popular-they had to wait for the final demonstration.

I must say that each demo I have been to around here keeps getting better.
We had very good turn out of volunteers-artisans, fighters and other
workers-  for an event that lasted just 3 hours (on Coronation weekend).  We
were able to share the fighting (light and heavy), weaving, illuminations,
minting, spinning, costuming, wood working, and so much more.  Pictures and
video of the demo will be posted in the next few days (Thanks Elec!).

I would like to thank the following people for coming out.  We would not
have been able to show them examples of some of the best of what our group
has to offer had you not been there.  Thank you for taking the time out of
your busy lives to be part of it.  I believe I have everyone listed.  If I
somehow missed anyone, please accept my apologies, but I do appreciate that
you came..

HL Fiacha
Baroness Francesca
HL Ascelyn
HL Fergus
Sir Lasguaard
Don Duncan
Christianna, Duncan de Bard, and their lovely daughters: Amalia and Miranda
Sir Morgan
Susanna the Herbalist
Don Alaric
Lady Annwn
HL Katya
Tegrinnus (sp)

A special thank you to HL Fiacha for coordinating the fighting activities.

In Service,

Lady Regan Caimbeul
Deputy to Central Regional Hospitaler

If everything happened when and how we wanted, then nothing would be worth
waiting for...

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