[Glaslyn] Come one, come all to Steppes Artisan!

Julie Cunningham juliecunningham65 at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 24 07:50:58 PDT 2008

Good day good gentles all!
I, Katheryn, Baroness of the Steppes would be honored if you would join us at Steppes Artisan.  Entrants in this year's Artisan competition will be judged on their body of work as in years past, with a couple of other venues for gentles to show as well.  Come and show your great and wondrous works and become the next Steppes Artisan!
There will also be a smaller competition for up and coming artists.  Artist will provide one piece only with a 5" x 7" card containing documentation. Entrants will be limited to one piece only. This artist cannot have won any other previous baronial, shire or canton artisan title.  There will also be a children's artist display as well.  So bring your fabulous works for all to see!
The event will take place the 16th day of August at Life Fellowship Church, 600 S. Jupiter Rd in Allen from nine of the clock that morning until eight of the clock that evening.
It would be a great joy to see you there.
With warmth and kindness to you all, I do remain
Baroness of the Steppes
Lady Glaslyn and Lindenwood


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