[Glaslyn] This Monday's Fighter Practice-IN GARB

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It might not hurt to have some persona stories polished up as well, for those who have them.


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Hi everyone,

We have a chance for Glaslyn to really shine at this coming Monday's fighter

I've arranged for a reporter from the Denton Record Chronicle to come check
out our fighter practice, talk to us, take some pictures and write an
article on Glaslyn and the SCA.

Fighters:  Come out, fight, show off,  If you have armor that is obviously
plastic, try to cover it in a tabard if you can.

Ladies and non-fighters: Please come in garb (think court), and if you have
things that you would like to show off-painting, emboidery, etc. Please
bring that with you.  If someone could bring a folding table, we can set up
a display table.

We're trying to put our best feet forward, let's impress them.

Thanks so much!


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