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Sun Feb 5 20:46:35 PST 2012

Please be aware of the recent announcement by the SCA's Board of Directors that a $1,300,000 settlement has been reached for the legal case that our organization has been engaged in. For those unaware of the case, a former SCA member, Ben Scragger, was accused and convicted of the sexual abuse of multiple minors from 1999-2001. The lawsuit named the Society and three local officers as defendants and sought $7,000,000 from the SCA for failure to have policies in place to protect minors. While the BoD permanently revoked his membership, the Society acted in accordance with Corpora and the Bylaws in aiding in the legal defense of the local officers. I want to be clear that the SCA has admitted no fault in this case and that we, as a safeguard, have strengthened our policies to protect children from this abuse. The settlement came as a result of facing insurmountable legal fees, if the case were to continue.
 In the statement from the BoD, it was determined that an equal percentage amount will be asked of each Kingdom within the United States, as well as all groups with Corporate level checking accounts. While I cannot say for certain how much our Canton will be affected, I will tell you that we are prepared. We have known for some time that there would inevitably come a day that local branches of the SCA would be impacted by the legal costs of this case. While the exact amount that we, as a Canton, will contribute has yet to be decided, we know it will be significant. I would like to assure everyone that this does not mean that we must cancel events or discontinue any activities. The Finance Committee for the Canton of Glaslyn will make sure to set aside emergency funds for occurrences such as this.
 If you have any questions, please direct them to me or Their Excellencies Steppes. I will share information with you all, as I receive it.
Thank you for your support, 
Bantiarna Colleen O'Kelly
Seneschal of Glaslyn
Board of Directors Announcement: http://www.sca.org/BOD/announcements/settlementannouncement1.pdf
 FAQ About the Announcement: http://www.sca.org/BOD/announcements/settlementFAQ.pdf
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