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Subject: [Ansteorra] Attention New(er) Chivalric Fighters!
As many of us who have entered the Newbie tournaments hosted by the
Centurians and Squires may remember, his Majesty has made a point to take
time out of his busy schedule to come out and support us, see our progress,
and survey the recruits he hopes to see at Gulf Wars. With this time fast
approaching, and after speaking with several of the other newer fighters,
it occurred to me that many among us do not have the chance to interact
with the King as a fellow fighter. To in part remedy this and to show our
thanks to his Majesty, he has accepted the offer of the new(er) fighters of
Ansteorra to escort him to the line!! By his choice, he has named the
battle to be the Town Battle on Tuesday. Pass word around to fellow
fighters so that our turnout is a strong one.

This invitation is open to all of those who consider themselves newer
fighters in the Kingdom, and is an exciting opportunity that his grace has
allowed us. So let us do him, and our Kingdom proud, and accept his
challenge to "Keep Up"

See you at War,
-Kite the Damaged


If you have yet to be authorized or are aching for some extra practice,
join the Shadowlands for a War Practice encompassing Combat Archery,
Chivalric Fighting/Melees, and Rapier Fighting/Melees, Sunday, February
26th. We will have Authorizing Marshalls on all of the previously listed
fields in attendance with paperwork ready to go, so check your fighter card
and join us for a good afternoon the 26th at the park located behind
Mitchell Elementary School in Bryan Tx. (Park is located off of Bullinger
Creek Dr, Bryan, Tx)
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