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Ldy. Aurelia Yverneau 
Nancy Chevalier
Chevalier8278 at yahoo.com
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The Canton of Glaslyn will be hosting our Artisan of the Flame event on August 18, 2012 on the charming Texas Woman’s University (TWU) Campus. Not only is this a great opportunity to display your work and dance, it is a great chance to teach a class!  

This is a great event for beginners who have never taught before, because this is a laid-back event with small groups. I am seeking two or three more instructors to fill out the schedule. Fighters this is your chance to teach a class as well. Marshalling, warranting, and other fighting related classes are welcome.  We have some space indoors for fighting.  
Please contact me if you have a class in mind that you would like to teach.  Anything,G-PG13, related to SCA will be welcomed. 
Yes we are aware that this is up against Kingdom Scribal, but there is only so much calendar space to get everything done in this great Kingdom. 
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